CaseWorks™ makes every file, every document immediately accessible – whether you're working at your desk or in the field



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Next Chapter Technology has lightened the workload and increased productivity for agencies across the state with the development of CaseWorks™ Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Simply put, it transforms your work environment to a paperless system with every file and document instantly accessible – any time, any where. Not only that, CaseWorks™ automates the entire work flow process and integrates with Outlook for more efficient delivery of services. Bottom line: CaseWorks™ is the best, most cost effective, and user-friendly case management solution in the industry.


Digital Documents

Automated Workflow

Fully Integrated


Fully supported EDMS software

Mobile apps for remote access to files

Unparalled training & ongoing support

Quick implementation

Feature enhancements included as part of ongoing support

Single server or shared server options

How It Works

CaseWorks™ Electronic Document Management System will streamline your work flow process, saving you time and money

Transforms all forms and documents to digital files which are instantly accessible both on site and in the field.

Files can be accessed and shared between multiple agencies or departments.

Automatically directs documents and information to where they're needed.

Uses your existing Outlook calendar for appointments.

Streamlines process and eliminates wasted steps.

Provides tools and reports to monitor and prioritize employee work flow.

Built on Sharepoint platform which utilizes the same Windows
"look & feel" that your workers already know.

Implementation Process

Most CaseWorks™ users complete the transition in under six months from start to finish compared to much longer industry norms

How the CaseWorks™ transition process works:

System Specialists from Next Chapter Technology will spend time with your team to understand the needs of your agency.

Next, we'll develop a project schedule and present you with options. Some clients prefer to outsource all scanning and prep work - some prefer to do prep work themselves.

We'll configure CaseWorks™ to suit your specific work flow requirements.

We'll conduct on-site training, including 1 week of "over the shoulder" training during your "Go Live" week.

Ongoing Technical Support

CaseWorks™ users have access to unparalleled customer support

We have an entire team trained and ready to provide CaseWorks™ users with expert technical support.

Our ongoing support includes maintaining current versions of all DHS forms.

We schedule monthly user group teleconferences to brainstorm about new features, share ideas for best practices and answer user questions.


CaseWorks™ requires a significantly lower initial investment and offers cost savings over time

We continually adapt our software to keep up with changing agency needs and requirements. These upgrades are made available to you at no additional cost. With custom software applications, you bear the burden of cost for every change, revision or upgrade.

We work with a number of counties that have reduced their cost by sharing some of the expenses of CaseWorks™ such as shared servers. We gladly welcome and support this type of collaboration!

Significant time savings with more efficient work flow process. Solutions that only provide scanning can't deliver the efficiency of our fully integrated work flow system.

Significant cost savings on paper, toner cartridges, imaging machines, and storage space.