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We don't like to brag...

but we don't mind if our clients do

“When I’m on the phone and an applicant asks, 'Can you get the birth certificates or pay stubs from my financial worker?' I can go right into CaseWorks and immediately see if we have it on file. It’s a huge benefit to be able to give an applicant an immediate answer. I love that I can sit at my desk and not have to scrounge around looking for case files to get the documentation I need."

"I like not having so much paper. No lost physical files or applications.  Easy access to documents and case files - especially with a coverage call - I don’t have to run to another office."

"I like incoming Mail Manager. It's quick and much easier to track.  Great tool.”

"CaseWorks provides the paperwork in an organized manner. I see everything in real time - when the paperwork is turned in, I can see immediately without having to wait for it in my physical mailbox. I also really appreciate the quick access to my hard files."

“Processing of health care applications is starting more quickly. I had two separate instances where I entered a health care application at my desk, scanned it, then walked down the hall to find the closed file to give to another worker. By the time I got back there, the worker had already started on the case because they had the application right there!"

"No files to send back and forth between buildings. No stacks of files in my flipper.  Information is easily shared."

"When a case goes from health care to cash, the physical file no longer needs to be moved - it's just accessed in CaseWorks. Before CaseWorks, I was spending half a day a month sending boxes of closed files to be archived. I no longer have to do that."

"I don't know how I did it before CaseWorks. I love it! It saves me so much time and has made my job easier."